The Idea Catchers

…by DDB Asia Pacific.


One Damon Stapleton said, “The idea is the gift, the award is the wrapping paper”.

Utterly inspiring, this video reminds us of life in an advertising agency – to create. A tribute video that showcases a collection of the best ads in the advertising industry from the classics all the way to today’s modern world.

The VO is very motivational to say the least. Listen. Think. Act.



What value should be put on our ideas? Ideas that entertain, that convince, that last?

And those who think of them? How do we value those people who think best in the shower, who can recount a movie they watched when they were seven or read comics at 34?

Who will study people while they wait to board their plane and scour every page of the inflight magazine?

Who endlessly daydream, living on alien planets in other people’s shoes?

The Idea Catchers are those that bring their life and dreams into their work taking experiences they’ve had as a child, or as a parent, or haven’t yet had? Sharing slices of life with that blank piece of paper that stares up at them everyday – the timesheet, its partner in crime.

A great idea can do the job of 10, or 12. It could be one insight, one piece of wisdom spoken by an Indian wood carver when asked, “How do you make the elephant so lifelike?” I just cut away the bit that doesn’t look like an elephant.

It’s that: Insights, experiences, and that comes at a price we shouldn’t give away.

Creativity takes time. The best solution is never the first one, the obvious one, but the beautiful ones – they just look that way in hindsight.

We’re not machines that churn out 5-minute headlines atop of Getty stock.

It’s about life experiences resulting in an idea you never had thought of, yet totally wish you had.


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Creativity is the most powerful force in business.


The Sapeurs – the true superstars

The spotlight on Congo’s best-dressed community.

Guinness: Sapeurs in their finery walk among the cattle

The Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo aka The Sapeurs, is an impeccably stylish club made up of blue-collar workers in the African country of Congo. These immaculate men dedicates their time away from work to colourful fashion and sleek dance moves.

Guinness continues its “Made of More” campaign with this commercial and a dedicated documentary on this wonderful people. From carpenters to gravediggers, we see these real-life Sapeurs transforming themselves into authentic, vibrant icons.


Shot and filmed in South Africa, the Sapeurs have one simple philosophy: to defy circumstance and live with joie de vivre. It captures their commitment to style, their friendship and most importantly, their expression toward their beloved nation.





Bravo Sapeurs – truly inspirational.


Waste (food) no more

This is how you stop food from going to waste.


Intermarche, a French supermarket chain buys fruits and vegetables that are often rejected by consumers and gave it a brilliant spin – The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables.

Generally, consumers would toss away fruits and vegetables that look a little odd in shape. Worst still, they never thought about starving people who don’t even have the chance to consume such foods.

This is where Intermarche steps up a notch in their effort of reducing starvation and food wastage. They gave these foods a great spin – their own signages, their own aisles and even listed in the receipts. These fruits and vegetables are turned into juices and soups. And to top it all, these foods are sold 30% cheaper.

The result was fantastic. Increase in sales and customers. And the juices and soups were sold! And I’m sure the Grotesque Apple was a big hit!


inglorious-orange inglorious-potato inglorious-lemon inglorious-eggplant inglorious-apple inglorious-carrot


A glorious fight against food waste.

Thursday’s Throwback

Celebrating #allin or nothing by Adidas


Well, it was literally all in or nothing during the recently ended World Cup 2014. As Adidas celebrates the Final by having both teams – Germany and Argentina – wearing their brand, Nike was out there animating “The Last Game“.

Indeed it was their last. Not only that Adidas gleefully enjoyed 46 players wearing its brand on their backs, this animated film features no players from the WC Finals (and of course Adidas, LOL). Oh well…

“The Last Game” is a fictional story about ballsy football against safe football. Nonetheless, we humans still think that clones are always our better half. Eric Cantona used to be the “man” behind Nike’s soldiers, but this time, Ronaldo is the chosen one. These guys look like characters from The Incredibles.

Have fun watching this pretty cool animation. Great job I say!

Animated Cristiano Ronaldo
Animated Wayne Rooney
Animated Neymar Jr (Nice selfie)
Animated Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Animated Andres Iniesta (Had to wear Barca jersey cause Spain is sponsored by Adidas, LOL)
Animated David Luiz
Animated Franck Ribery
Animated Tim Howard
Animated Ronaldo Fenomeno