New World shows their love for netball

They would do (almost) anything for netball.


New World Supermarket loves netball so much, they are proud sponsors & supporters of the Silver Ferns, New Zealand’s national netball team.

And to prove their fondness for the game, they created a video just for it and claimed they would do anything for netball, well, almost.

So we have an announcer that challenges a New World staff on how far would they go to do anything for netball. The video is quirky and nicely shot; worth that 45 seconds of your life! Love how they bag up your groceries at the checkout counters. LOL!

We’d do almost anything for Netball.


Go Silver Ferns!


If children could choose their parents

A PSA targeted at parents who abuse alcohol.


Fragile Childhood, a Finland-based children’s charity association and ad agency Havas Worldwide Helsinki is back to instill further awareness toward drunken parents and their habit of abusing alcohol.

The new PSA video lets you imagine the thought of allowing orphans to choose their parents, and not the other way around. The studio setting is amazingly built and the filming looks beautiful. Parents are seen in an aquarium-like space as the two children walk as if they were window shopping. As they admire parents that they wish they could have, they were brought away to their parents, in reality.

The plot tells more of the story of an orphan’s life rather than an alcohol-abuse story. Nonetheless, its visually perfect with a good twist.

Fragile Childhood said:

“It is still not widely understood how much harm drinking problems at home cause to children. For example, previous research has shown that every fourth Finnish child has suffered some harm because of parent’s alcohol usage. Research carried out among Finnish teenagers aged 12-18 years shows that children think their parents ought not to drink at home and that they are much nicer when sober.”

The Orphanage


Putting pieces together.


Naughty Dirty Bird

And to complement the brand, a penis-shaped logo.


Dirty Bird is a food truck from Cardiff that serves fried chicken to the people. The branding is what we really wanna talk about. Let’s call them DFC, instead of the usual KFC.

The logo, features a rooster, shaped like a penis. Maybe cumming as well? Created by MarkJames_Works, the logo has since shocked a number of customers as they did not expect a food brand to have a phallic logo as their children chomps down delicious free-range fried chicken.

In the brand’s defense, they aptly said that it is based on “the lowercase initials of ‘d’ and ‘b'”, that resembles the company’s name. We think they could do better than that.

Anyway, here are some collaterals from Dirty Bird.




No bullshit, just fried chicken.


How comedians pay tribute to Derek Jeter

Bonus 4-minute screaming by Will Ferrell.


Comedians Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell pays tribute to NY Yankees’ number 2 – Derek Jeter in two hilarious videos. First is a compilation of their tribute message/speech to the now retired Yankee captain Jeter and the second is a “funny or die” screaming by Will Ferrell annoying the crap out of Jeter (and us for that matter!). To add pain, he impersonates a Red Sox fan. Haha!

Always remembered as a ‘pretty good player’, ‘pretty good’…
Went out with two bangs, bang bang, cause you are number two.
Greatest Yankee to ever lived!
Hey Derek Jeter, you’re a bum! You’re a bum!


Will Ferrell, Chris Rock & Kevin Hart Says Goodbye To Derek Jeter

Will Ferrell Screams at Derek Jeter For A Full 4 Minutes


Tip your cap, Jeter!




Flashback on Fantastic with Washington Olivetto

One of Clio 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner’s best works.


Washington Olivetto of WMcCANN Brasil might sound foreign to some but he is no stranger in the advertising industry. A recent winner of the 2014 Clio Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr Olivetto has revolutionised the advertising industry in South America, mainly in Brazil.

Today, we look back at one of his finest works – The Week for Época Magazine in a 3-minute long spot. The idea behind it tells us what seven days could mean to the people, the world, the universe and the animals. And to Época, it’s everything. This spot took home a Cannes Gold Lion and the ultimate Grand Clio.

The Spot

The Script
The week
To the prisoner, 7 days left.
To the sick, 7 days more.
To the happy, 7 reasons.
To the sad, 7 remedies.
To the rich, 7 dinners.
To the poor, 7 hungers.
To hope, 7 new dawns.
To the sleepless. 7 long nights.
To the lonely, 7 chances.
To the absent, 7 guilts.
To a dog, 49 days.
To a fly, 7 generations.
To businessmen, 25% of the month.
To economists, 0.019 of the year.
To the pessimists, 7 risks.
To the optimist, 7 opportunities.
To the earth, 7 turns.
To the fisherman, 7 returns.
To meet a deadline, too little.
To create the world, enough.
To someone with the flu, the cure.
To a rose on a jar, death.
To history, nothing.
To Época, everything.


Epic journey of the wandering mind.