Derek Jeter: Made in New York

The benchmark for tributes.


New York Yankees captain – Derek Jeter – stars and writes his farewell tribute video sponsored by Gatorade and made by TBWA\Chiat\Day. Jeter summed up his long illustrious career as a Yankee in one song – Frank Sinatra’s My Way.

Co-writing the script, Jeter wanted to thank New Yorkers for their everlasting support for the past 20 years as a Yankee. The 90-second video shows Jeter walking the streets of the Bronx acknowledging the locals much to their surprise.

A print ad follows suit. The inspirational copy was written by Jeter himself.


Made in New York feat. Derek Jeter

Print Ad

New York.
You’ve been with me for the past 20 years.
Your grit fueled my will.
Your history strengthened by resolve.
Your scrutiny exposed my flaws.
Your expectation was my inspiration.
From my first bat until my final out, you helped make me who I am.
For that I am forever thankful.


Kudos, Derek Jeter.



Heart-melting ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’ PSA

For dog lovers out there, please watch this.


Budweiser‘s latest PSA takes on the route of a man’s best friend, the tail-wagging, furry creature we call a dog. Dog lovers will certainly have watery eyes when watching it. If any of you remember the heart-wrenching movie Hachiko, you would probably know what I’m talking about here.

Indirectly, it could be placed as a sequel to the best Superbowl spot – ‘Puppy Love’ – another tear-jerker. And this is why the ‘man’s best friend’ wins more Lions than cutesy cats.

Get’em tissues and enjoy both heartwarming ads.


Puppy Love

Friends Are Waiting



Audi goes off-script

Life should not be scripted.


Audi’s new Q3 is what the market calls a “crossover”, an SUV-Station Wagon offspring. And Venables Bell & Partners says that the scripts should be rewritten, or heck, blown away. And it was tastely done in true drama.


Scripted Life




Don’t stick to the script.



Think Different

A little inspiration from the masters of change – Apple Inc.


Here’s to those who have always seen things differently.


The Crazy Ones
Steve Jobs’ message to The Crazy Ones.


The only you can’t do is to ignore them.