How far would you queue?

Like, never.


You tell me. The setup is this – there’s a ridiculously long line. At the end of the line, you get FREE chips from Fantastic Delites Curls. There’s nobody queuing up. You decided to queue. The guard says one at a time. And there’s nobody in the line. You tell me.

In a creative sense, well, it’s good to know that the product is still in demand. Or maybe the folks are just hungry. It’s nice to see that people would do such things for your brand. Well, the buzz is there.


Idiocy. Lol.


Shot with the iPhone, edited at the backseat

The new Bentley commercial is still as luxurious.


Makers of some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world pulled out one of the greatest commercial by using minimal gadgetry. Don’t believe it?

Shot with an iPhone 5s and edited using an iPad Air, nobody who have guessed the outcome of this commercial. The beautiful 2014 Bentley Mulsanne was the focus point coupled with Bentley’s head designers talking about the details, this short documentary – rightly named “Intelligent Details” – was commissioned by Bentley Motors to highlight the “fusion of luxury, performance and technology” in their new Mulsanne.

The filmmakers turned the luxury car into their very own production office, where the pre-installed iPad Air was used to edit the entire documentary using 3rd party software.

According to AppleInsider, two iPhone 5s’ were mounted on BeastGrip lens adapters. They also use the Neewer 0.3x Baby Death 37mm Fisheye Lens and Schneider iPro Lens. And to create the gorgeous handheld shots, the MoVI M5 gimbal stabilisers were used. As for the software, the iMovie and FilMic Pro were used.

Enough of yapping – enjoy the documentary.


It’s brilliant; shot and produced.


A tear-jerking tribute to moms

A dedication to mothers with new born babies.


Presented by Pampers, this video shows Japanese mothers bringing their babies for their first-year check-up at the hospital. During their visit, the mothers voiced out their concerns to the attending doctor. And during this period of time, something magical is happening outside the examination room.

Fathers were up to something special. So without being a spoiler, get those tissues ready and embrace.

I almost cried when you said “hello” to our son the first time.


3 Thumbs Up!

We all know how a plane’s wing look like now!


Three, a UK-based telco company found a brilliant way to promote its services that cover 16 countries, thanks to Wieden+Kennedy. And it includes free calls and free data.

Seen is a spokesperson for Three. Listen to him as he apologises for the ayoutuctions of their customers – the #HolidaySpam. Pay attention to the subtle sales pitch for Three; services, coverage and free data.

It’s hilarious; the typical holiday photos of white sandy beaches, street foods, mini monuments, #nofilter, plane wings, plane wings, and more plane wings. Oh, it’s awesome! It resonates with all of us. We are all guilty of this. With an approach that makes us laugh rather than hating, we forgive you, Three. Nice touch!


Please brag responsibly.