Think Different

A little inspiration from the masters of change – Apple Inc.


Here’s to those who have always seen things differently.


The Crazy Ones
Steve Jobs’ message to The Crazy Ones.


The only you can’t do is to ignore them.


Don’t touch my Dart

Craig Robinson said so. Jake Johnson know so.


Nothing sells a car better than hilarious videos of two comedians; a protective owner (Craig Robinson) and a desperado (Jake Johnson). Wieden+Kennedy launched the “Don’t Touch My Dart” campaign for Dodge that features these two funny people going at it over the brand new Dodge Dart.

Just enjoy it, and remember “Don’t touch my Dart”.


All-in-one Playlist


Again, don’t touch my Dart.


Renault’s Trafic Rider

Sweeping Knight Rider aside.


I can’t imagine Michael Knight driving a van named Kitt. But at least to the brains behind this global campaign, We Are Social.

Renault’s Trafic is an everyday utility vehicle. And it needed to have that dynamic edge. So a “Michael Craftsman” was established. The team leverage on a once-hero we all know to create a social persona. Video teasers, online banners and GIFs were also created to enhance the entire social campaign.




Time to play ball

With Temptations Tumblers kitty food.


Feeding your cat with Mars Petcare‘s Temptations Tumblers would take more effort than ever. But in a good way because you will be stretching those muscles out first. The battle is on.

The treats are apparently rounder than the regular Temptations treats, allowing you to roll, toss and bounce the food to your kitty cat.

The spot is cheeky, cute and fun. Almost like how Nike ads are shot, Temptations Tumblers invites you to play ball.