So you think you are an explorer? Prove it!

The North Face tests their consumers.


American outdoor product company The North Face recently created buzz at a special store in South Korea. Teaming up with local South Korean agency Innored, an idea was born, to get consumers to prove how adventurous they are. Expanded from the brand’s official blog “Never Stop Exploring“, comes an on-ground activation to captivate what adventure is.

A particular store was engineered to create this exhilarating adventure for the consumers. They were put to the test when racks started moving and the floor they are stepping on closes in on them. As panic strikes, the consumers have only one option; to climb up the wall which already has rock-climbing holds on it. As they cling on it, a desirable winter jacket appears from the ceiling and they have 30 seconds to try and grab it.

It’s fun, adventurous and exciting – just like how the brand is. Brilliant stunt that left everybody with a big smile on their faces. For those who got the jacket, here’s something from us – PROVEN ADVENTURER.


Never stop exploring. Ever!


(Part 1) Weird Wednesday: Aldi Grocery Store

Grocery store ads are weird, at least in the land Down Under.


We assume the latest trend in marketing a grocery store is to be odd; especially in Australia.

Aldi Australia, with over 300 stores scattered across the land Down Under, is an international grocery store that opened its doors in Germany way back in 1913. With such rich history, we just wonder how oddity crept into its Australian arm.

And this is one of Aldi’s many campaigns, Like Brands. Only Cheaper. Videos worth watching (and if you are feeling really down). Or at least just smirk.


Like Brands. Only Cheaper.



So free ah?

Local Malaysian telco U Mobile’s latest spot.


U Mobile came to life in 2007 and is one of the youngest competitor in the telecommunication industry in Malaysia. Being young also makes them target the younger generation of mobile users – the savvy and social Gen-Ys and Gen-Zs.

And their latest ad spot is very much young and Malaysian. Titled “So free ah?“, which loosely translates to “Are you that free?” or “Don’t you have anything to do?“, the spot shows how these millenials are so absorbed in the social world because of their FREE CALLS & INTERNET offerings.

Quirky, well-acted and direct, this spot could relate to the locals in an instant, especially with the title being a Malaysian slang.

What do you think of this local spot?




New World shows their love for netball

They would do (almost) anything for netball.


New World Supermarket loves netball so much, they are proud sponsors & supporters of the Silver Ferns, New Zealand’s national netball team.

And to prove their fondness for the game, they created a video just for it and claimed they would do anything for netball, well, almost.

So we have an announcer that challenges a New World staff on how far would they go to do anything for netball. The video is quirky and nicely shot; worth that 45 seconds of your life! Love how they bag up your groceries at the checkout counters. LOL!

We’d do almost anything for Netball.


Go Silver Ferns!