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The Power of a Story.


Immersion is the experience of losing oneself in a fictional world. It’s what happens when people are not merely informed or entertained but actually slip into a manufactured reality. -Frank Rose


Things NOT to have in your next radio commercial

Tips for your next award-winning (or just a regular) radio commercial.


Global CCO of Arnold Worldwide, Jim Elliott tells us what NOT to do if you want to win a Radio Mercury Award. Here are some pointers to stay away from.

  1. Repeated use of “Sunday”
  2. “Now is the best time to buy”
  3. Honky sound effects
  4. Screeching sound effect
  5. Born to be Wild song as a metaphor
  6. RTB disguised in a dialog
  7. Lists of product side effects
  8. Overly emotional pleas
  9. Movie trailer parodies
  10. Autotune
  11. Excessive echoes
  12. Classy VO + Not-so-classy script
  13. Bad writing + yelling
  14. Looooooooooong web address

In general, this should be the NOT TO DO LIST for any radio commercials, not just for award submissions. Get creative people!

Part 1

Part 2


By the way, this is a perfect way to promote CDs, ECDs, CCOs, GCCOs and what nots. I mean, being a judge to an award is pretty awesome, ain’t it?


Branding? What is branding?

David Brier simplifies the answer.


Award-winning brand specialist and brand identity expert, David Brier (@davidbrier) of DBD International helps us understand what branding is all about.

As brand owners, are we actually thinking aloud and simply following our dreams of what we call success? Do we just expect consumers to nod and board our ship, thinking, “It’s worth a try”?

Or are we out there to understand what consumers want and give them a completely new experience, and something we as a brand can truly own. Then, will they willingly board our ship?

Listen to the expert and let us know your thoughts.


Unveil the magic, the spark and the simplicity that is branding in its most fundamental form.

Aubrey Plaza & The Super Bowl

Newcastle’s Band of Brands


Droga5 and Aubrey Plaza (@EvilHag)has a thing for sarcasm. Can’t blame them when brands spend US$4million for 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl.

And so Newcastle Brown Ale, infamous for being overly British and disliking Americans, decided to “crowdfund” that ridiculous-priced advertising spot with any brands out there. Earlier, a “crowdfund” video was launched – featuring Plaza of course – where a small contribution to the spot will get your brand’s logo on the Big Game. Called the “Band of Brands”, you may submit your proposal here at

“At first we tried to sneak our way into the Big Game by entering a popular commercial contest put on by a certain snack chip brand, but that didn’t work out for us. Now we’re trying to leverage ‘strength in numbers’ to see what that does for us,” said Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “Everyone loves a great underdog story. What’s more ‘underdog’ than being short on cash and not having the right to advertise during the game?”

Aubrey Plaza Calls for Brands


Aubrey Plaza Prepares America


My voice is permanently sarcastic.


Dear kitten, regarding the big game…

Today is going to get… weird.


To start, apparently a brand can only use the term “Super Bowl” if they are official sponsors. So this amazing video by online site BuzzFeed and Purina’s cat food brand, Friskies will be using the term “NFL championship game”. Didn’t I say it’s gonna be weird…

Anyway, the plot here is simple – Cat teaches Kitten about the game plan; the NFL championship game. Adapted from the Dear Kitten video series and voiced by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures president Ze Frank (@ZeFrank), Cat points out everything about what Human would do. And at the end of it, after being ignored for a good hour or so, how to get the Human’s attention. Straightforward, but tastefully done.

This video marked two stepping stones. First, this is the first time Friskies had ever advertised in the Super Bowl, I mean NFL championship game. Secondly, it’s BuzzFeed’s very first television commercial. And since it involves cats… it’s gonna be viral. ;)


A cornucopia of human moist food.


Tune Hotels gets cheeky

With a fully nude dude too!


Tune Hotels, part of the Tony Fernandes owned Tune Group, recently launched a series of online videos targeted at the younger audience. Created by their in-house creative team, agency Creative Juice KL, part of TBWA KL, offered more creative support when the 3 videos were launched to commemorate their 7 Million Guests campaign, selling their key propositions of “5-star bed” and “Power shower”.

Well, as we all know, the hotel provides the basic amenities – bed and shower – for free. Additional items are normally charged. Hence the line that reminds us, “Who needs a…”. Three quirky individuals were introduced to strengthen that thought. Unless you are like any of the three fellas, you would probably need those amenities, with a charge.

Wonder if that nude dude actually made it to TV, knowing the strict rulings of the Censorship Board.

Mr Calvin (Air-Dryer)


Mr Chin (Self-Entertainer)


Mr Arshad (All Natural Gentleman)


Humourous. Period.