Not too shabby, Milo Malaysia

Great start to your mornings.


To cement their position as Malaysia’s No.1 breakfast drink, Milo Malaysia decided to make any given day a little more excitement. A game played on your smartphone synced to your desktop. And a techie call-to-action video. Not too shabby really. Kudos.


Take the Challenge
Ready, Breakfast, Go! (

What do you guys think?

Cheer up with some opera

An enlightening activation for the midweek blues.


Sacla’ the Pesto Pioneers recently served up an entertaining surprise at a Buckinghamshire primary school. The Italian n foodies favourite had 4 well-disguised opera singers acting as canteen staff and what came next was really unsuspecting, especially for the kids.

Our favourite, the policeman. Although one would have seen it coming. Great acting all around.


Innovative way to curb domestic violence

The Japanese doing what they do best – innovation

yaocho-ogilvy tokyo-the-violent-coasters

In a bid to combat domestic violence happening in Japanese households, Yaocho (a local bar chain) and Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo (agency, of course) teamed up to innovate and create a pretty interesting device rightly named, the violent coasters.

Not that the coaster is deemed violent, but it’s more to the opposite – subtle. In short, as the men happily down their beers and liquor, the coaster would subtly turn into a rude awakening for the men.

Watch it and leave your comments behind.

A pretty neat activation especially being initiated by a bar.