Rise of the Stickman

Looks like my posts are coming thick and fast. Here’s another one for you guys.

Remember those days when you were told to draw a man, we only draw a circle and 5 lines? Well, check this website out. Built with a short storyline, it simply reminds you the good ol’ days when you were young. The stickman is the benchmark of all creativity. It all started with a dot and then a line. Never forget this. See how the guys from hitcents.com turned our childhood antiques into a modern tweak.

So, be CREATIVE in EVERYTHING that you do. Because it just takes a little creativity to spin the story around.


At the end of it, PURCHASE the t-shirt with the stickman that you drew earlier. Just a little donation for a pretty cool site.

Download the app on iTunes Store for an alternative ending.



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