Of creativity and education…

Sir Ken Robinson on TED Talk.

Personally, a very inspirational talk given by Sir Ken as he talks about education (and creativity). Do we really squander our children’s creativity? In this modern world, open thoughts and minds will allow our children to do what they want, and now what we want. Many “traditional” thinking parents would disagree on this as they claim to “know” what is best for their children. This is generally how parents in my part of the world think. It’s a shame to be a dictator of your own children.

Yes, they are your children but they do have a mind of their own. They need to know that they cannot be afraid of being wrong. The consequence to this is that when they grow up, they will be frightened of being wrong. Mistakes are inevitable as our children grow, hence the term “learning from your own mistakes” and not repeating the same mistake twice, hence the term “once bitten, twice shy”.

Education on the other hand is educating the children our of their creative capacities. Fact, we do not grow into creativity. Fact, we get educated out of it. Everywhere in the world has the same educational hierarchy. Sir Ken says it is mathematics first, then languages followed by humanity leaving arts rock bottom. In my part of the world, I would agree on mathematics, followed by science, no humanity and commerce.

One thing in command the world has is that education is a tool to produce university professors. Everybody wants a professor in their family tree. Personally, many think that having a really “smart” person in the family establishes status. We would boast about our children’s education prowess to the neighbours leaving them questions like why is my children not like theirs.

Everybody is different. Creativity or the arts is exceptional as well. The “traditional” thinking of the only profession that will make you lots of money is being a doctor, engineer, lawyer, scientist, etc… Think of Gillian Lynne in the video. A ADHD patient that loves to move finally paid off after being told that she has a talent – dancing. And what did the school said to her – she has a learning disorder, she couldn’t concentrate. Wala… she’s extremely successful now.

If the passion is created, stick to it. In my humble opinion, children should be given the freedom to choose what they would like to do and who they want to be. Parents are there to support them. Let them learn from their mistakes so they will not be scared of it. We need “street smart” and “book smart” people in this world – those who can mesh both intelligence and be successful.

A wonderful talk by Sir Ken Robinson. An eye-opener to all. And the world needs (more) creative people.


Quotable Quotes:

Teacher: “What are your drawing?”
6 yo: “I’m drawing a picture of God”
Teacher: “But nobody knows what God looks like”
6 yo: “They will in a minute”

Boy 1: “I bring you Gold”
Boy 2: “I bring you Myrrh”
Boy 3: “Frank sent this”

“Must try harder”

“I think math is very important but so is dance”

“They live in their heads”

“They look at their body as a transport for their heads”

“Benign advice – now profoundly mistaken”

“Terry please, I’m trying to fry an egg here.”
“Give me a break”

“People who had to move to think”

“… the gift of human imagination”




Live the creative life…!



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