[VIDEO] The Power of Words

Was reading an article about campaign executions, titled “A great idea is nothing without proper execution”, courtesy of IHaveAnIdea <www.ihaveanidea.org>. A great article that tells Advertising Agencies that an idea without an arranged management and execution would simply just be, another idea. The video showed here shows a video with 14 million hits but only viewed now. The video is just awesome, fantastic idea. Poor execution didn’t do justice to the brand as the distribution wasn’t there at all. Ideas we have galore, and people will continue to innovate ideas at hand. With the proper execution, the idea is COMPLETE and will be REMEMBERED forever.

Don’t believe, take a look at Apple. ‘Nuff said.

Execution is what creates the separation. It shows the drive and passion that exists to make the idea happen and bring it to market.



Would you agree?



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