Meet Wenlock…

… the 2012 Olympics Idol.

Weird as it may look, Wenlock isn’t about how pretty or good looking it can be, but what story lies behind this droplet of steel.

The Story

Happy belated birthday Wenlock (19 May)! Anyway, the name Wenlock originated from a small town in Shropshire. Yes as funny as it sounds (both the name and town name), the history goes down yonks ago, 1890 to be precise. The vision of Baron Pierre de Coubertin to establish the Olympic Games in a more modern manner (with flag bearers, officials, competitors, etc…) was inspired right at here Much Wenlock, Schropshire. The Olympic Games were introduced 2 years later for the very first time in Athens. 120 years later, the true hero of the modern Olympics resurrects – in the form of Wenlock.

Designed and brought to life by Iris (, a creative agency in London, Wenlock came along with a friend, Mandeville. Mandeville will represent the Paralympics and we will review it in our next post. After over 100 designers and artists submitted their entries for the mascot, the entire list was shrunk to just 3 ideas. It went public. And the people of UK decided that a character alone wouldn’t mean much, so they wanted a story. And a real great story was written.

Personally, a good story leaves the best impression behind, making the Games more memorable. Period.

The Design

At a glance, its really shiny. No doubt. But, what on earth is this? A bowling pin with limbs? One-eyed? Many of us would find the design peculiar for sure. The best thing is that every part of the mascot has a functionality. The mascots are droplets of steel from the stadium – the Olympic Stadium. Okay, we shall move on. From head to toe:

Inspired by the famous London Cabs’ HIRE light. Really now??

Head crest
Adapted from the shape of the stadium’s roof and the podium, 1 2 3. No comments.

The Eye
A camera lens. Records Wenlock’s journey around the UK throughout the Olympics. Spy Cam.

2012 Logo
Simple and minimalist. Chump like.

Friendship bands
Ring colors of the Olympic Logo. Nice idea. The return of the friendship bands.

Shimmering skin tone. Glowing head crest and shards. IMHO, it looks cold no matter which part glows.

Man, the beary version looks even weirder. 3d-Wenlock looks much, much better.

Find Wenlock on Facebook (#iamwenlock) and Twitter (@iamwenlock).


We will be reviewing Mandeville next! Stay tuned!



One thought on “Meet Wenlock…

  1. hi Lesley! thanks for dropping by. love your blog… travel stuff! always wanted to skydive but just couldnt gather the balls for it. lol.

    thanks for dropping by again and liking my post. cheers!


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