Home Sweet Home

This is what we advertisers call Billboard War. Found this picture on a friend’s FB page that certainly got my attention. Here we have a telco heavyweight – Maxis and PNKOTB (Pretty New Kid On The Block) telco – Yes4G. To be honest, I do not know where these billboards are placed but all I can say is that the positioning is fantastic.

Maxis is seen here promoting is Broadband Internet service where you can go around the world just by sitting at home (the copy is in Bahasa Malaysia; Mengelilingi dunia dalam sehari – Go Home). Maxis’ Broadband Internet is not all that great as their main business direction is targeted at mobile phones. So, they are simply offering Internet connection from home now. OK.

Yes4G on the other hand is pretty new in the Broadband service BUT when they popped, it was huge. They started off as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) using 4G connections – the first in Malaysia. It was a huge hoo-hah when they launched their ISP, both on the good side and the bad side. The launch was a hot topic for ‘Social Media Disasters’ but I ain’t heading towards that direction. So, their billboard is placed just behind Maxis’ Go Home. Copy writes – why go home? – promoting their Wireless 4G Broadband service. and YES goes everywhere. Great eye from Yes4G, kudos to that! Personally, I LOVE this kinda stuff. IMHO, only MNCs and new age companies are willing to take this step forward.

Classic case of a Billboard War as we all have seen how the German automakers – BMW & Audi – battled it out in their own Billboard War. SO, can we say that we Malaysians now have an open mind? I believe that the Ad Agency behind both these billboards are having a good laugh. Certainly hope that the war rages on – more money for the Agencies. HAH!

Audi: Your move, BMW.
BMW: Checkmate.

Audi: Is it expired?

BMW removed their billboard later on.

Check out www.autointhenews.com for the full story on Audi v BMW Billboard War.


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