Seth says “What’s in the box?”

Found this interesting question on Twitter, tweeted by Seth Godin the Marketing Guru.

So, what is really in the box?

We hesitate.

We stall or try for perfect or have meetings or polish or avoid the final ‘go’ because we’re afraid that it might not work, that the art won’t be well received, that people will hate it.

Here’s the thing: there’s a box on the table. And you need to decide whether or not you’re going to open it. All the wishing and planning and imagining isn’t going to change what’s already in the box. The act of opening it doesn’t deserve anxiety because the contents of the box were determined a long time ago. What’s in the box is in the box, regardless of how much anxiety goes into opening it.

Sure, do a great job, the best job you can do with the resources you’ve got. But then quit imagining and go ahead and open the box.

We are afraid. Afraid of the ‘what if’ that frequently pops in our head. Why are we so afraid? To lose our job? To get shouted at? I will share some of the reasons what actually goes through our head when we are afraid.So, do we just sit back and let the brave ones start something innovative? And if their idea is successful, we follow suit? Who’s taking the risk here? And who’s playing it safe? “Think Different” is the tagline of Apple Inc. Do you think they are brave? Sat back and see what the market offers? Or even their competitors?NO! They stood by their philosophy and integrity and went ahead with their ideas. The entire “plan” was amazing. It worked out because Steve Jobs stood by his beliefs. He braved the world and came out on top. Did hesitate? Maybe. We wouldn’t know. BUT he was brave.

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Brave the new world. Walk the talk. Be innovative. The market is saturated with so much competition that there are only price wars. Stand out from the crowd. Get noticed. Because the world is waiting for that creative imagination and innovative idea. Be the first.

As promised, the few reasons extracted from an Ad agency’s point of view on why ideas are not being implemented.

  • My boss doesn’t like it.
  • I’m comfortable. Thank you.
  • If it ain’t broke, why fix it?
  • What does research say?
  • Other brands are not doing it.
  • Market leader attitude.
  • It’s not the right time.
  • We respect the law.
  • Scared to get fired.

How far of these are true?

Let me know what have you done to open that box in front of you.



8 thoughts on “Seth says “What’s in the box?”

  1. It’s similar to taking tests or long examinations. After taking them, we get anxious whether or not we look into the results immediately or what.


    1. thats true. the only thing is that the risk is bigger of course. pretty much a matter of life and jobless. but in today’s world, i personally feel that the Gen Y people are more daring and love to take chances. its also a way of motivation.


      1. I remember when a friend told me about the Gen Y. It’s actually more like Gen iY. Living in the iPod generation gives short attention span that might trigger less motivation in life. Still, let’s hope for the best! 🙂


      2. haha… iGenY. even this iGeneration is moving forward with the existence of impeccable technology. it can be said that tech would be the only manner they will move forward in life. and of course there is always hope.


      1. It’s interesting because I don’t think people really fear failure or risk. Failure is literally inevitable. Everything that is, fails. What people are afraid of, I believe, is the failure to add value. So really my biggest fear is: what if the thing in which I invest days upon days upon days doesn’t add value to anyone’s life? What if my understanding of what needs to be done or needs to be introduced into the marketplace fails to produce something innovative or desirable? This is something that still haunts me, but it also fuels my mission to create something beautiful. Like the Greeks, I believe that if something is beautiful or engaging, there must be some truth to it. And the truth always adds value.

        Mark Blasini


      2. great point there Mark. the word ‘value’ does mean a lot to any consumers / customers. it boils down to how INNOVATIVE the value can be to the general public. innovation to me is the key to a successful brand. the brand experience that follows the innovative value is infinity. ponder on Google, Coca Cola & Apple – extremely innovative brands.

        yes, i do agree that fear / failure is inevitable – something that can happen without any predictions. it goes a full circle again to having an innovative value. the fear, is the execution. the idea can be brilliant but without a proper plan and perfect execution, its better not be done.


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