[WEB] Golden Horses Health Sanctuary

1 September marks as a milestone for us as we duly launched our brand new website [www.ghhs.com.my]. A fresh beginning for our Internet Marketing efforts as we take a step forward toward a more mobile and savvy manner.

The website is done on the HTML5 format and is also viewable on most mobile phones and tablets. Services are now broken down based on Golden Horses Health Sanctuary’s “East meets West” concept and philosophy.

Modern Medicine now holds Health Screening, Preventive Clinic and also Bains Physio. Traditional Therapies on the other hand includes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and also Ayurveda. Products & Packages consists of the Retail Products, Health Packages and also the latest Promotions. Our knowledge-based section, Library of Life maintains as it is.

The background of the logo now spots a new look, an identity that will be carried out throughout the parent company’s related companies. Country Heights Holdings Berhad will be carrying a new Corporate Identity by 2013, hence the first move done by Golden Horses Health Sanctuary.





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