My kid is running an Ad Agency

Here I am trying to run an Advertising Agency – cracking my skull, breaking my head thinking about ideas, ideas and more ideas. What if my 10 year old (IF I HAVE ONE) does a hostile takeover of my Agency? Would it be  like wtf?!

Anyway, found this very entertaining, eye-opening video on Vimeo – by Grip Limited. This Toronto-based Agency celebrated their 10th birthday and decided to put a bunch of 10 year-olds in charge of the Agency. Watch the kids eat, pray and love the advertising world. As a follow-up, wonder if those ideas were put into place… as it would make this birthday bash be a great campaign.

If only the clients were so giving and humble.


Kids tend to get their way (out of trouble, sometimes), can we really act like one and sell those ideas?




Original article here.

If we spend the money to advertise on TV, and we sell the product, we will make more money. So, we are practically getting our money back.



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