Top 5 New Year’s Eve 2013 Fireworks

To keep the New Year spirit going, I have compiled my Top 5 NYE Fireworks from around the globe. I love fireworks. It makes me happy. πŸ™‚

5 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Battle of the towers. Dubai definitely has a strong overall show but the tower was lacking the fire. Could barely see the structure. In some scenes, the tower even looked invisible. Pretty cool in a way.

4 Singapore

Strong showing as usual. Very mellow kinda feel but it looks very subtle and gorgeous.

3 Taipei, Taiwan

Winner of Battle of the Towers. Great display. Maintained the shape of the tower adding more ‘wow’ effect to it. Literally blazing, certainly made me got WOAH!

2 Sydney, Australia

One of the first few countries to welcome 2013 really set the benchmark for the year’s fireworks. It was amazing. Choreographed by Kylie Minogue herself, everything was almost inch perfect. Sydney did it again. Never seems to fail their revelers.

1 London, UK

Hands down winners. Just when I thought picking the best fireworks display was gonna be easy, London came banging on the door. The show was marvelous. The use of the London Eye was ingenius. Kudos to Team London and thank you for an amazing show. How would 2013 begin without you guys. Cheers!

Credit mention: Pyongyang, North Korea

apparently it is the country’s very first fireworks display on NYE. Question is, how did the video came about? Just when you thought the communist country banned the Internet, they still want. The world to notice them. Great work and you guys deserve a pat on the back. Nice one!

Hope you guys enjoyed my Top 5 New Year’s Eve Fireworks of 2013. Think your country had a better one, comment and post the video up. Honestly, there are way too many videos out there. Madness!

Fireworks make me happy. πŸ™‚


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