Messi + Bryant = Turkish

Weird as it may sound, both are not Turkish and neither are they Europeans. Introducing, Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s greatest footballer and 4-time winner of the Ballon d’Or. And Kobe Bryant, professional basketball player who plays for the LA Lakers and 2-time NBA Finals MVP. Both these gentlemen are actually endorsing Turkish Airlines, Europe’s Best Airline in 2010.


This TVC shows both professionals trying to get a kid’s attention on board the aircraft. Both tried as hard as they can but eventually loses out to FOOD. Believe it.

In-depth look into the video, you can guess what the video is trying to tell us. Firstly, Messi, at 5’7″, is sitting the front row seat, which is normally catered for tall or with-child passengers. Then you see Kobe, at 6’6″, sitting in the middle row. This simply shows that the seat-between-seat range is long enough to fit a 6 footer and looking very comfortable. +1

Then there’s the food. The winner of it all. Ice-cream does takes a kid’s attention away and that’s pretty normal. It directly tells us that the food is awesome and the range is wide. Indirectly, promoting their in-flight Chefs as the food presentation is not the ordinary, but pretty much a la fine dining. +1


The endorsement by a South American and an American definitely strengthens their tagline – GLOBALLY YOURS. Pretty smart I say. Check the TVC below and let us know what you think.


The best flies with the best



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