[VIDEO] Give a little love this Valentine

St. Valentine’s Day is round the corner and it is customary to express our love for another on this day. Well, lets break the taboo and give love to everybody we see. Love not only means, well, love, but also means respect, gratitude and most of all, affection. We express these feelings everyday but sadly we only do it to the people that we know. Have you ever offer a seat to an elderly in the subway or tube? That’s love. Having them smile back with gratitude is priceless.

Share with us on Facebook [facebook.com/creativechump] your lovely deed and let us all spread some love. We just want everybody to feel loved – gramps, dad, neighbor’s dog, cyclist on the street, everybody. We want to remind all that a little good (and love)  goes a long way, and to put a smile on their face is simply heart warming.

The video below inspires the quote,  “If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own.” As inspirational as it sounds, it is worth the watch. The video appears to be a work of a non-profit Christian organization, Křižovatka Olomouc in Czech Republic. It shows the world that a good deed does come a long way and the importance of it can change the world.

In today’s world, many has forgotten the true meaning of love. We tend to ignore the world as we are so stuck to ourselves, forgetting how and what we’ve become. Lets all make a change, give a little love, do a little good, and show the rest what the world is really missing.


It all begin with little things that we do.



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