A Stray Hero

In a country where Muslims are forbidden to hold, touch or be in any contact with dogs, Pak Mie and Mak Intan would be facing charges under the Syariah Law. Malaysia, a multicultural and multi-ethnic country is where both these God-sent individuals live. Mohammad Azmi, or fondly known as Pak Mie, is a 55 year-old former contractor who dedicated his life to rescuing stray dogs and cats together with his beloved wife, Mak Intan.


It all began during a flash flood where Mak Intan was rescued by a dog as she was fighting for her life in a stream nearby the shelter. The couple spends all their money to the dogs and cats, giving them food, medicine and shelter. The biggest sacrifice here is that the couple actually lives in their car. To date, they have rescued over 600 stray dogs and cats, a figure no other licensed shelters have ever accommodated. Local businessmen offers aid to Pak Mie by sponsoring packs of rice and chicken head. The average rice consumed by the animals are a whopping 50kgs a day, close to RM500. That’s if none of the animals are sick.



With the local authority alarmed about the couple’s efforts, one important individual has shown their approval of the couple’s deeds – The State Muslim Cleric. “A person who helps a God’s creature, be it animal or human being, is a noble act in Islam”, said the Cleric.

strayhero4The couple’s sacrifice is unforgettable, the love is unconditional. And they know that they will not get anything in return. But they have vowed to continue their deeds till the end of day and to have this legacy live on forever.


Take a deep breath and watch this wonderful documentary.


Copywriter/Researcher/Co-Producer: Rahmah Ghazali (ghazali.rahmah@gmail.com) Twitter: @rahmahghazali
DP/Visual Editor/Co-Producer: Hisyam Salleh (hisyamsalleh@me.com) Twitter: @saifulhisyam

For more information about Pak Mie and Mak Intan, please visit pakmieshelter.blogspot.com or his Facebook (managed by his son) facebook.com/pakmieshelter or facebook.com/pakmieshelterpage.

Unconditional love that touches our soul



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