The Subconscious Power

The Subconscious mind – how do you take control of it? Can one actually control it?

The Subconscious understands an entirely different language compared to the Conscious mind. The latter often understands the language of logic, reason and comprehensive analogies. The former on the other hand, is very familiar with images, emotions and surrounding vibes.

conscioussubconsciousFor example, you have a situation, or a goal you need to achieve it. You understand the logic and facts on how to achieve it. In life, obstacles are always ahead, and now you are facing one big hurdle. Your Conscious mind is set to the logic of your goal; moving only one direction.

Solution, try communicating with your Subconscious mind and imagine a solution. Imagine ‘what ifs’ as you try to solve the problem. Picture and visualize yourself taking that step to solve the issue. The more you visualize, the you will eventually come to a solution for your issue. Like what Thomas Edison would say, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” and Albert Einstein’s famous words, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

In all fairness, I personally think that there is no harm in trying. And I will continue to practice the Subconscious Power throughout my life.

Here’s a video of the explanation about The Secret To Subconscious Mind Control by Richard Petrie [YouTube Channel]. He also promotes Prime Aspirations [] for those who are not too fond (or good) at visualization and imagination. Courtesy of

Imagination x Visualization = Solution



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