The Ultimate Paintball Duel

The automotive guys are back again – with a bang!

audirs4Audi, the decorated German automotive company, with the geniuses from the UK, has come out with their latest TVC – The Ultimate Paintball Duel.

Two Audi RS4 Avant Station Wagons are back-to-back. The duel will begin soon. Armed with a custom made 50-calibre paintball gun installed on the hood and GoPros [] Cameras around the car, the entire scene was shot in a hangar with a couple of on-ground cameras and one helicopter camera.  Under the hood for each car is a V-8 engine with 450 horsepower.


The attributes of the cars are clearly pictured in the video. Great control on slippery surface and sudden evasions. The speed is out of this world and the slippin’ & slidin’ is just a plus as Traction Control has been disabled and the tires inflated a little more than usual.


The Ultimate Paintball Duel

How to make a mess

Meet the stunt drivers

– Jim Dowdall
– Colin Skeaping


Who said station wagons are for moms?



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