Carlsberg Prank

That-calls-for-a-CarlsbergApril Fool’s Day is approaching. Every giant brand is prepping something sneaky. Carlsberg says “That calls for a Carlgberg”.

Agency Duval Guillaume Modem [] from Antwerp, Belgium has lined up a special commercial that tests the loyalty of BFFs. These are the heroes behind Carlsberg’s other viral video, Burly Bikers In A Cinema and TNT’s Push To Add Drama.

Young men are forced to call their best mates (BFFs) early in the wee hours because they lost money at a poker game. These BFFs were treated to a shell-shocking experience when they arrived at the poker game venue. Filmed in a seedy ‘Chinatown’ location, the BFFs were awaken by flying chickens, in-house fight club, fire burning chefs, grasshopper-eating old man and more weird people. They enter the room and places the money on the table. Soon after, the curtains dropped and a bunch of audience were revealed applauding the BFF’s initiative and courage, hence the slogan, Standing up for a friend.

It is amazing what friends do for you. And those who made it deserves a Carlsberg. And rightly to say, “That calls for a Carlsberg”.



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Carlsberg – Burly Bikers In A Cinema
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