Nivea Prank


Here is another prank executed sweetly by the guys from Felix & Lamberti [] for their client Nivea. Not your ordinary brand experience where you get pampered with beautiful images and serene music that entices you, Nivea Deo brings out your inner true self – fear + anxiety = stress.

Random people were targeted as test subjects. It was noted that these people were brought to the airport by their friends (of which the agency has played accomplice with). As they wait, a mugshot of themselves start appearing on newspapers, TV and the PA. Watch their stress levels increase as time passes by and eventually the arrival of the airport security.

Executes the brand’s product objective to perfection. Its all good humor when it all ends with a smile, and a Nivea.

The product is Nivea’s deodorant, proven to protect you from stress. Yes, stress-free deo. Not your regular deo, but a stress-free one. Really? Try it and let us know.


Carlsberg Prank – That calls for a Carlsberg



4 thoughts on “Nivea Prank

      1. LOL It’s literal translation is actually “Swine hounds”. It’s kind of the German way of calling someone a bugger, I think. 😉


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