Cage Animal Abusers

People who abuse animals belong behind bars. That’s why we fight for the legal and social betterment of animals. Only this way can animals be protected and abusers be punished.

logo-stiftung-tier-im-rechtAn animal rights organization has come out with an advertising campaign to create the awareness on animal cruelty/abusers. Stiftung Fur Das Tier Im Recht (Foundation for Animal Rights) [] is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

This 3-series ad depicts us humans (or abusers) locked behind bars. These bars are not your usual jail or prison cells, but animal cages. We would love to see these actual prisons (animal cage) being implemented and built to seriously condemn the abusers and to how the animals really feel being caged up. The message here is strong, and the visual is even stronger.





Abusers should be taught a lesson!



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