Va Va Voom with Renault

2 spots + 1 idea = Clio experience


Renault surprises test drivers of their Clio with a single push of a button – Va Va Voom. Test drivers were directed to a spot by the salesman and when they stopped, they were asked to press the ultimate button – Va Va Voom. And they were in for a surprise, unforgettable experience. A surprise that will transform a mundane day into an exciting one. We have two videos here, one featuring a man and another a woman. Which of course states that the Clio is perfect for both sexes.

Button pressed.
A romantic tune is being played, the two crossing pedestrians stopped and started kissing. The backdrop is seen wheeled-in. Violins playing and a baguette seller is hard selling his bread. The cream of the crop is when these bunch of scantily-clad of the opposite sex appears and started dancing and gyrating around the car.

Personally, this ad is a combination of TNT’s ‘Push for Drama’ and Pepsi’s ‘Jeff Gordon Test Drive’. Your typical test drive session that surprised people. All in all it was a good effort. Best of all, it caters for both sexes and you get to experience Paris for that couple of seconds.

Male driver

Female driver

Media Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media Planners: Laura Quy, Lauren Fisher
Production Company: Scorch London
Video Distribution: Unruly


Happy looking drivers on a dull day



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