Deliberate Dumbness of Multipass

Being racist and dumb at one go shows the depth of you – shallow.

Multipass [] is a Ukrainian travel agency. ‘Nough said. While promoting travels to Asia, Multipass has come up with a campaign, “See Asian Like Asians Do” as a marketing promotion.

To create visuals that you can read only if you screw your eyes, like how Asians are. Literally.


The idea is stupid. It is indeed extremely stereotypical and best of all, you expect Ukrainians to visit Asia after seeing these ads? They would be fearing for their life! For the fun of it, I did screw my eyes to read it, but I can’t! Will need some help with you Caucasians out there.

Don’t expect to be welcomed with cherry blossoms or jasmine buds.

The shallow minds of the agency and client is unbelievable. Some might see it as a fun poster, but they missed out a word – poking. Poorly executed. So many other creative ways to tell a story and they chose the one that is not in the list. It’s like bringing back the dead, after Miley Cyrus’ infamous slant-eye photo.

Advertising Agency: Tabasco, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Alexander Smirnov
Art Directors: Valentin Minchuk, Vladimir Kobets
Copywriter: Alexander Smirnov


Poor execution, insulting situation



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