Bubba’s Hover

Slidin’ through……!!


Now how cool is that! No more  traditional golf carts (or buggies), in with the golf hovercrafts. Golf pro Bubba Watson [www.bubbawatsongolf.com] & world renowned eye wear brand Oakley [www.oakley.com] team up to create golf’s coolest thing – the Bubbacraft. The prototype model – BW1 puts the fun in golfing and the cool in a golfer. With a Noise Reduction Rotor, the BW1 floats through water hazards and leaves behind no damage to the greens.

“I see a lot of stares, a lot of laughs,” Watson says. “And then they actually see how efficient it is. I think it’s really going to get more people involved. They’re just going to want to drive the hovercraft and not play golf. But I mean, that’s how I got started, driving a golf cart, and then golf got in the way.”



If hovercrafts are taking over the golf buggies, I’d love to suggest a competition – Solar-paneled golf buggies. Energy efficient and eco-friendly. Would love to see these two inventions go head to head; at the Masters.


I love driving golf carts, then golf got in the way



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