Six Reasons Why Your Website Will Fail

A website is not ‘just’ a website anymore.

fail at inbound marketing


1. Not Built for Mobile Devices

Close to 90% of websites are not mobile-compatible and will not render successfully on portable devices, including smartphones.

The rapidly growing mobile market will soon be the USP of your company. More and more people will be away from their regular desktops to portable devices and having a website that is not mobile-friendly would burn a huge hole in the growth of a company.


2. (Not-)Social Media

Almost 80% of websites have no social media links—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

While we are still trying to convince the bosses to own a social media site, customers are drifting further away day by day. Social media is about engagement. How else would you engage with your customers — physical feedback forms? Select the right platform that your company needs, push stories and pull comments. The term “What goes around, comes around” is best to describe Social Media. Its a carousel that turns around be globe. Got that Marketing Plan up yet? Remember, we do not search for news these days, the news find us.


3. E-Fail

As high as 75% of websites do not have an email link for feedback.

We try to phase out snail mail cause its too slow. Then came instant mail but we still do not take advantage of the technology. Customers these days are seeking for instant answer. Engage and answer them as it can be your next big business opportunity.


4. Information, Please (Gimme more!)

As high as 65% of websites lack a form-fill option for customers to request information.

Information as we know is often not enough for the curious customer. We think its solid information but these customers will always have something else to ask. So, if the Email isn’t working for you, why not have an online form? Heck, have both! This is data collection; when a potential customer or current consumer sends an inquiry, you have their emails. Your next step is to create a Newsletter or Email Marketing plan to push sales and satisfy their obsession.


5. Call me (no later?)

60% of websites have no phone number listed.

Not listing a phone number can cause questions of legitimacy to arise. Many will prefer to send an email cause many are shy to speak. That’s fine. But at least state your local phone number or even a toll free number for those who likes to speak out loud.


6. Struggling SEO

More than 55% of websites have no keywords for search engine search.

If you have a website and no one can find it, what’s the point? If search engines can’t find you, you bet the rest of the world can’t do so too. Website optimization is the next step in enhancing your presence on the internet world. For a sum of money, you can find yourself seen by the world. Try to put yourself on free directory listings on business partners’ website to gain more exposure.


As a conclusion, addressing these 6 areas can help boost your company in every way; marketing, customer engagement, etc. These are the basics, the easiest (and almost free) methods. Start looking into it and start phasing your company’s online strategy. Begin now before its too late, technology is moving so fast that we might miss a few steps trying to run forward. Good luck!


Baby steps first



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