24/7 Accurate Weather

Does this billboard show 100% accuracy of the weather?


MetService [www.metservice.com], a weather site in New Zealand, recently put up this empty billboard frame in Auckland. This gimmick is pretty clever as it puts their objective right out there, as clear as the weather. Real-time weather reports is what they are experts in, and with this empty billboard frame, it certainly proves that. The frame itself is branded through a web browser (notable Apple’s Safari), where the website is clearly stated on the URL space and a search bar that reads ‘real-time weather reports’.

3weathersmetserviceIdea was generated by ad agency Young & Rubicam [www.yr.co.nz] and they even made a case study video to get their idea across the nation.

Well, if the weather is what you are looking for, just open the curtains and have a look yourself. Doesn’t take a billboard to tell you. But I assume that the main purpose of this billboard is to promote their website and increase their SEO optimization. Nonetheless, great effort. It sure took many eyes of the road.

What d’ya think? Let us know.




Cloudy with a dash for drizzle




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