What would you do with 10,000 iPhones?

The Domino’s Effect — of course!


Here you have the fellas at Aatma Studio [www.aatmastudio.com] prepping something crazy… again! This is the latest Domino’s Effect case study and by far, the best. 10,000 iPhone 5’s were used to create this effect. And it comes with some cool visual in the phones itself.

What’s the cost like you may ask. Lets say each iPhone 5 is of the lowest range, that would be USD199. And the grand total would be at least USD2,000,000. Would you spend that amount of money for 1 minute of fun? They would! Well, lets hope that CG were not used to create 3/4 of the video or they would only just need like all their staffs iPhone to make this cool video. If you didn’t know, Aatma Studio is an Animation House. They live and breed animation for life. Psst, I have also included their showreel and it looks amazingly awesome!

Who cares how they got 10,000 iPhones, enjoy and share the chump!


The iPhone Domino’s Effect


The Aatma Studio Showreel


Start collecting old iPhones and make it 50,000!



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