So real it makes you not pee

LG Monitors are so real it gives you a (stage) fright.


This is a bathroom humor. For those who think it’s childish, so be it. For those who think it’s wrong to have CCTVs in the bathroom, I’m with you.

Anyway, this ‘prankvertising‘ is LG’s latest scoop on selling their life-like visual displays. SuperHeroes [] together with LG came up with an idea on how to literally not make you pee in your pants. The humor takes place in a men’s room at Amsterdam’s World Fashion Centre where unsuspecting men and extras (hired beforehand) were give a little fright (surprise!) just when they are about to take a leak. It was so real that these guys got a stage fright when the models started coming to live in the screen.

Creative Director Rogier Vijverberg said, “The film was shot with actual visitors of the centre”.

In about two days, the video is on course to reach 1 million views on YouTube, making it another successful viral video by LG. This video is a sequel from it’s previous hit So Real It’s Scaryprankvertising‘ video. where it was definitely more hair-raising compared to this flick in the men’s room.

The video


It’s rather more playful than intrusive



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