Of gung ho reporters…

…and not like those who ‘cut & paste’ from Press Releases.


Local daily Harian Metro [www.hmetro.com.my] together with the prowess of ballsy agency Lucideas [www.lucideas.com] recently partnered to create a 3-series TVC aiming to target the Malay readers with a campaign rightly named ‘Lagi Gempak‘ (perhaps translated as More Oomph). All three spots are 30 seconds and primarily depicts the efficiency and gung ho attitude of the daily’s out-of-this-world staff. Enjoy!

Haunted House

Wartawan Fenomena Luar Biasa
Pawang ‘Rock’
Extraordinary phenomenal reporter “Pawang Rock” is a reporter that fears nothing as he assures the family that he will remove all evil spirits in the house. Or simply make sure if there are any.



Wartawan Jenayah
Si Horatio
Crime reporter ‘Si Horatio’ would do anything to get first hand news. In this scene, he is scene falling from the ceiling, right in the middle of a counterfeiting scam being carried on. As the gangsters approached him and angrily questioned him, he simply takes a picture of them. Now, that’s first hand news.


Meeting Room

Wartawan Peperangan
Helang Hitam
War enthusiast reporter ‘Helang Hitam’ or Black Eagle is extremely angry after being posted to cover the Monaco F1 GP. His last assignment was Miss Universe and he is not happy at all whilst his prim & proper colleagues get assigned to more exciting cases such as covering ‘Mat Rempit’ (local menace on bikes) cases. This is unfair he screams.


Great work from a local hero agency



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