Most unique way to introduce your new staff

My name is in the air…


Why settle for an email to introduce your new hires? That’s so traditional. Or send a Press Release to the media letting them know you roped in the youngest CEO or something. Ever thought of hiring a plane for a day and attach a banner at the tail of the plane to introduce your new hires? Well, idea is taken. This is what exactly ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 [] did. They hired a plane and flew it across New York City for as long as people can remember. And the lucky fellas who felt most honored are Brandon Mugar(W+K), Dave Canning(W+K) and Jonathan Vingiano (OKFocus). These three men are the best at what they do and no doubt hiring them would be a huge shout out. With such big fuss, expect new clients to call for a chat.

Bet they will not do it when they hire a new tea lady or a fresh grad. Agreed? Also, was just wondering if this feat was the idea of HR, or a creative. Hmm….


Profile of the lucky guys



Video of the plane


At least they know how to make a big fuss about new hires



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