The Way Automobile Ads Should Read

This is Chevy.

A series of billboard ads were put up in Detroit, Michigan by General Motors for their brand – Chevrolet [] or nicknamed Chevy. These brilliant ads are simply excellent. Brand identity is uniform, cars look awesomely sleek and the copy is astounding. One look at the ad and you will be drooling for more, and that’s brand stickiness. The mix of intelligence and humor engages its target audience in every way, proud to own one and bragging rights.

It takes only seconds to get one’s attention. And in this case, the car grabs the attention, the copy follow suit and ultimately, people start talking about it. This is what advertising is. Enjoy the ads.


download1 download2 download3 download4 download5 download6 download7 download8 download9 download10 download11 download12 download14 download15 download16 download17 download18 download19


My personal fave would be “When heads did the spinning and rims stood still”. What’s yours? Share with us.


Chevy got balls!



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