Dumb Dumb Products Marketed to Women

The Top 10 products that incite sexism.

Prejudice? Bias? Shallow-minded? Discrimination? Whatever you may feel you may write it down below. These are some of the products that marketers worldwide are selling to women. Very targeted I say, but foolish on the other hand. It’s hard to blame them because majority of the women associates pink with them. 1 point to the right marketing technique. 1 point to the shallow-minded marketers. Honors even.

The Top 10

10. Pink Tablet
Eurostar’s ePad Femme
comes conveniently preloaded with apps for all the things women like to do—grocery shopping, cooking and losing weight.

1 Tablet


9. Pink Weapons
From pistols to pepper sprays, these are for women who are serious to kick ass during emergency situations. Here we have pink pepper sprays, pink knives and pink guns. The perfect camouflage that nobody will ever find out.
2 Gun 2 Knife 2 Mace


8. Gas Mask (Bra)
This is the Emergency Bra; for your face. Protect your yourself (and your friend, too!) during fire or during a peaceful rally that turned sour after someone noticed your pink gun.
3 Gas Mask Bra
7. Pink Car
Honda Fit She’s?!?! Someone shoot the dude who came out with the name please. Get this car and get the (spot)limelight anywhere you go FREE! (Honda probably have an over-production problem here and by painting it paint, problem solved)
4 Car


6. Pink Portable Urinating Device
Go Girl is the perfect add-on for the Honda Fit She’s. No problem getting stuck in traffic jams or a long drive back home with no rest stops with this miniature toilet.
5 GoGirl
5. Pens for ‘Her’
Design for the dainty female fingers is Bic’s For Her pens. ‘Nuff said.


4. Physical Enhancing Food
Fuller & firmer breast simply by chewing gum AND/OR eating cookies! Yes, scientist have gone beyond the ordinary (and job scope) to bring you the latest in physical enhancements.
7 Cookies 7 Gum 7 Booty Pop


3. Sleeping Companion
a. Fight saggy breast while you sleep with Kush Breast Support; fits snuggly in your cleavage.
b. Silent the neighbor’s barking dog with these pink earplugs for the complete vain experience.
c. No worries if the dude leaves without a number or a goodbye hug, get the half-a-boyfriend/husband/partner pillow for that perfect night.8 Kush 8 Earplugs 8 BF Pillow


2. Physical Enhancing Gadgets
This Hannibal Lecter-inspired piece is the stylish way to sharpen your too-round cheeks and facial contours. Together with the Neck Genie that erases double chin, this combo is not complete without the Happy Smile Trainer, the mouth and jaw muscles enhancer.
9 Face Belt 9 Smile Trainer 9 Neck Genie


1. Pink Labia Dye
My New Pink Button is the dumbest of them all. Designed to forfeit any dyes in the market that cannot do their job; pubic hair dye.


There you go, the dumb dumb list of products marketed to exploit women with low self esteem. Tsk tsk tsk…


Any other products you’d like to share?



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