Nando’s Salutes Fergie

… and instantaneously creates #NandosFergieTime.


The latest PR stunt by Nando’s UK [] is as predicted after another huge news that swept through the UK; the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United FC []. In honour of the granddaddy of football, Nando’s created a PR stunt that benefits nine of its outlets right here in Manchester. The popular chicken restaurant franchise is no stranger to jumping into bandwagons of the latest news that they are certain will turn viral.

On May 8th, Nando’s posted a update on their Facebook page saying:

In honour of Sir Alex Ferguson’s announcement that he is retiring we’re proud to introduce ‘Nando’s Fergie Time’ – all our Manchester Nando’s will be open 5 minutes later tonight.


I assume 5 minutes is a huge thing in the UK as I presume they wouldn’t want the workers union to start a strike in their outlets for the next few days. All in all, great stunt that caught the people’s attention.





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