National Geographic Channel Branding Campaign

National Geographic Channel takes you to places that you never thought you’d go.


“You lean forward on your couch. Your breath catches in your chest. You aren’t just physically transplanted from your living room, you’re emotionally connected to the action – watching and living factual storytelling that pulls you into the frame and asks you to share in the emotional stakes with the people who live there. Desperation, excitement, frustration, exhilaration – our shows take you to places you’ve never been and aren’t likely to see any other way.”

This is NGC’s latest branding campaign – The Places We Take You – aimed to bring viewers to places they never thought of going. Together with BBDO New York they have created four  TV spots to light up the NGC brand; after 4 long years. Thrilling and captivating, the spots show the usual TV series as it happens. The twist here is that you will see odd people or should I say people that do not belong in the spot, like that suit in Alaska. These people are depicted as the TV viewers, watching and applauding as they watch the excitement unfold live in their faces. Awesome!

The places we take you aren’t just on the map. So true. Watch and enjoy!


The Anthem (Main Spot)

Wicked Tuna (Breakaway Spot)

Doomsday Preppers (Breakaway Spot)

Ultimate Survival Alaska (Breakaway Spot)


Step into amazing stories



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