How do you show freshness everyday?

Ask McDonald’s… & DDB, Warsaw.


Pretty smart idea from DDB, Warsaw [] where outdoor billboards were transformed into giant chalkboards. McDonald’s very own crew were chosen to explain what McDonald’s mean to them. Local artists were then hired to visualize the idea through sketches. It started from the city of Warsaw and will soon be spreading throughout Poland.

“Chalkboard menus an be found in many restaurants around the world, but only the best change it on a daily basis.”

But McDonald’s changes it twice a day; everyday.

The Good: More jobs for artists.
The Bad: When it starts to rain.

Food for thought, Warsaw has an average daily rain of roughly 14 days in a month. Media planners must be at the top of their game for this, surely.

McDonald’s does have an obsession about freshness. The last time I could remember was a billboard that grows. Okay, it doesn’t get bigger, but they literally planted vegetables on the billboard (similar to a vertical garden). And the vegetables did grow! Now that’s awesomely out-of-the-box thinking.

This idea definitely gave a fresh breath of air to street art, or even graffiti. But, of course, it’s not a long term thing. Well, freshness doesn’t last forever do they?



We are fresh, damn it!



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