Windows Phone Wants To Play, Too

But are they really up for it against the giants?


Nokia, advocate of the Windows Phone seems to be climbing up the ladder pretty fast. BlackBerry seemed stuck, although the launch of the Q10 and Z10 might raise some eye brows but the rebranding from RIM to BlackBerry sure did raise a few questions about the company. And here is Nokia, with its brand new Lumia, capable of stopping fights and brawls.

As the boxing fight wages on between Apple and Samsung, Nokia delightfully stepped in as the referee, telling people to “Don’t fight. Switch.” How far can Nokia and Windows Phone battle on with the two giants are speculative. Though we know Windows have always a big score to settle with Apple (on the laptop business, of course).

Surprisingly, Apple never did mock any of its competitors (found nothing on the Internet) but being the top brand in the industry, gets mock most of the time. But if it’s about laptops, Apple of course mocked Windows to bits with their famous TVC series – Get a Mac.

Anywho, enjoy this Windows Phone moment while you can (and while Windows are still contending)

Watch this first:

Samsung Galaxy S4


Now this.

Nokia Lumia


Switch. If you dare.



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