Billboard That Generates Water

Out of thin air!

Lima, the capital of Peru, is the second largest capital set on a desert in the world. With approximately half an inch of water yearly, the people gets almost no water daily, except from the well which is dirty and polluted. But Lima’s humidity percentage is closed to 98%, which rang a bell through the heads of the guys of UTEC and Mayo DraftFCB.

Presenting to you, the very first billboard in the world that produces water out of thin air.


UTEC is the country’s foremost engineering university and was looking for a campaign that will drive new students during their Open Day. Together with Mayo, they engineered billboards around the country that generates clean, drinking water. Built with generators and filtration systems, each billboard generates 20 liters of water and over 9,450 liters of water over the duration of 3 months.

Hundreds of families now can have clean, free water. Thanks to the amazing techies from UTEC.

A great campaign no doubt. Thousands of locals now know what UTEC can do. But the question is how many can afford to send their kids to UTEC. I guess this primary matter will be a secondary issue for now since the advertising has caught the attention of a million eyes all over the world. Kudos to UTEC.


We will continue to change the world, through engineering.



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