The Magic Happens Behind The Sheet

Mind reader exposes your secrets.


With the aim to create awareness about the importance of digital identity, Febelfin, a Belgian financial company ran a campaign that exposes one’s identity, with much ease.

In the video, a clairvoyant, or mind reader reveals private details of his “customers”. Many don’t believe in clairvoyance and psychic reading but soon got themselves very much attracted to it.

At the end of the session, he reveals his secret to obtaining the information. The piece of cloth falls, exposing a group of masked computer “hackers” browsing through the Internet to get information, then feeding it to the psychic.

The conclusion was that our identities can be found online. Our entire life’s happenings are shared through Social Media platforms. And because of this, we should be aware and more vigilant on the type of information that we share over the Internet.

Well done and well pictured.


The Internet has changed (and exposed) our life



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