(Unintentionally) Shot Their Own Foot

JCPenney snowballs faster than expected.


The retailer lost tonnes of money last year. Was dimmed to dissolve by end 2013. And now, being tied to Hitler. On a clear blue day in California, JCPenney’s latest kettle promotion was catching (the wrong) attention.

As it stood harmlessly, the first glance at the billboard will send terror through the people’s heads. The kettle stood high, and looks like Adolf Hitler. Hitler? That sent alarm bells in the Social world. This was an instant viral fascination. JCPenney’s Twitter was flooded with comments from people from Mashable, The Telegraph and Huffington Post.


Who should apologize – JCPenney or Michael Graves (kettle designer)? To be honest, the photographer could have done a better shot with the angles. To answer the question, JCPenney stood up and apologize to the world. A great reply mind you. Through Twitter of course. In fact, who else would the people target most anyway – JCPenney.


Wounded but still standing – JCPenney



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