Gimme 15 Minutes of Your Life

Slapstick, innovative, eco-friendly, funny, eco-friendly (again?!?), creative and funny (hmm…). Worth that 15 minutes. Enjoy folks!


Dove’s Why Men Shouldn’t Use Women’s Shampoo
Well, it’s funny to watch. But not the greatest from Ogilvy Brasil. But still worth the slapstick.


Philips’ Fruit Mash Up
A real science non-fiction. More science, less blending. Pretty cool though.


7Up’s Melting Vending Machine
Talk about eco-friendly advertising! Not a money-making idea but definitely a talk-about execution.


Audi’s Spock V Spock
Can Germans really walk hand-in-hand? Maybe it’s a tactic by ad agencies to squeeze more money out of their clients. _//


Antartica Beer’s Social Awareness
It is important to create public awareness, especially drunk driving. Great effort, worth the mention.


Domino’s Pizza’s Disc
This place better have high rates of video rentees (sounds cute; people who rent stuff form video stores). Do they even have permission to do such things to an original DVD? Bootlegs?


Microsoft’s Less Talking, More Doing
The revenge of Microsoft. Though I feel its all too late. Maybe its out of frustration. But still a funny one.


Advertising is so fun!



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