PETA: Fur Hurts

A single idea that drives into peoples mind.


The horrific truth of fur farms in China has been revealed. PETA, together with Ogilvy & Mather came out with a brilliant campaign to create awareness about animal cruelty. Life-like sculptures were created by the Shenyang University Art Department, portraying animals made out of thousands of tiny needles.

These sculptures with awareness information were placed at Zhuozhan Shopping Centre in Shenyang and several 3D billboards across town. The website is the medium for the public to make their pledge and for each pledge a needle will be replaced by a strand of fur.

Celebrities such as Sun Li were part of the cause, promoting the outrage on animal cruelty and their fur industry. Within the span of one week, over 300,000 people pledged to this cause.

Download the Case Study here.


Fur hurts. Period.



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