Ford’s In-car-dible Stunt

This is the B-Max.


How does one promote a revolutionary car chassis that has the pillars encased on the back door? With a revolutionary dive of course! Agency Blue Hive was the mastermind behind this jaw-dropping ad and supported by Martin Campbell, the man behind Casino Royale and Goldeneye.

Stuntman Bobby Holland-Hanton, body double of Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises and many other James Bond movies, was the man-of-the-moment. And there he stood. Looking down at the Ford B-Max. Awaiting for the doors to slide open.

“Any kind of gust of wind would send me off my line as I’m going into the car so it had to be bang-on to be safe. If I drop an arm, or a leg opens, or an arm comes across I’m going to hit something and it’s going to be pretty painful travelling at that speed.”

Life is An Open Door, all because of the pillars that are encased on the back door of the car. Well, it simply allows passengers to get on and off the car with extreme ease. Not forgetting loading and unloading things is pretty much hassle-free.

The prep is definitely amazing. Hanging a car above the water. The stuntman strapped in cables. Cameras dangling at every angle. Great stunt I’d reckon. Just enough to feed the craziness in a man’s mind.

Well done, Ford. Message sent across coupled with a great ad.

The Spot

Behind the Scene


Well, he did not exactly dive through it.



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