How Your Brain Response to Advertisements

And the reason why the ad is simply awesome.


The Sands Research are a team of neurological analyzers that dedicated a section just for the advertising world. The Sands Research team views and analyzes hundreds of advertisements throughout the course of the year from a neurological perspective. The ads chosen are normally the best of the best. And they will tell you why it is the best.

Coca Cola’s Heist

The scene opens with the man in the park which creates an onset response. Activation builds when the view of the Coke bottle in the grass appears with the ladybug activating superior-parietal lobe (Attention).  The red lady bug lands on the Coke bottle top producing a response in superior-parietal and right-superior-frontal lobe. Grass hoppers appear, activating more and more areas, while each additional species continue to build engagement and finally engulf the entire posterior portion of the brain and continue to do so. When the man reappears, an orbital and inferior-frontal response occurs (Anticipation and Prediction). The largest response is when the bees take or “Heist” the bottle. This pattern remains through the movement of the bottle. Right-inferior-frontal activation takes place with each action. When the Japanese beetle opens the bottle and the man reaches for his Coke, a large response takes place in the superior-parietal lobe. From that point, overall responses diminish while the ad concludes.

This ad has an engaging storyline with product integration throughout which our unaided recall testing confirmed. This ad also has one of the highest engagement scores, and came in second overall in the 2009 Super Bowl research. The ‘Heist’ ad recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Commerical.


To watch more of Sands Research favorite ads, click here.


The brain, man’s greatest mystery.



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