Say It With Chocolate

Cadbury’s hand made joy.


A pretty cool idea where people get to speak through chocolate. The press finally did not go to waste as it was used as the main tool in delivering the message. Clever from the guys at Ogilvy Action, Malaysia. The spot itself is a brilliant piece of work. Great feeling and the ambient simply blended into the video seamlessly. Great stuff!


The Spot

The Copy

Words. We used to put thought into them. These days, they hardly mean a thing. So what if we have something truly special to say?

(Say it with chocolate)

An old press with movable type re-purposed to print on chocolate bars. Leaving the wrapper untouched.

People wrote personal messages to be printed on demand. In-store and pop-up stores. And read only by a special one.

Hand made joy.


The Credits

Director / D.O.P : Julian Oh
Assistant : Mei-Fern Chong
Editor : Jarrod Reginald
Sound : Huma-huma
Post Production : SEQ Productions


Another brilliant work from Malaysia.



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