What happens if your Smart goes off-road?

Bring your off-road skills to the city.


With a Smart, you do not go off-road in the jungles or the desert. But you do it in the city jungle. Check out this Smart ad from Germany. You probably wonder why did Smart even produced this spot. But one thing in an automobile ad is to have every angle of the car covered, in addition to some technical details of the car. Enjoy.

You may not notice:

  • That the Smart is a rear wheel drive
  • That the Smart doesn’t topple over because of amazing centre of gravity
  • That the Smart has cool wipers
  • That the Smart hit the Merc and doesn’t give a shit
  • That the Smart can be slotted in the smallest of space
  • That the Smart is a city off-roader, pavements mean nothing

And most importantly…

  • That the Smart got balls!


Got Smart, Got Balls.



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