Road Safety Campaigns

Don’t text & drive.

Here are a few road safety campaigns that certainly send horror visuals to your head. Absolutely effective and pleasant to look at. First of is Intel’s effort, combining accidents and the typical chat speech bubble. Then there is Claro, a telco doing their part in ensuring their clients stay alive by simply stating that one letter is all it takes to be alive. And finally, Volkswagen, copy-based ad that is very strong where they use a smartphone’s auto-correct to tell their message.

These ads have strong impacts. It makes you imagine. It makes you visualise. And it makes you think.


Copy: One letter is all it takes. Don’t text and drive.

claro_texting_1t claro_texting_2t claro_texting_3t




Mandatory Copy: Stay alive. Don’t text & drive.

Copy: Miss u


Copy: Still there?


Copy: Where’d you go?




Copy: See you n (now, never)


Copy: I’m in t (traffic, trauma)


Copy: I’ll be there in a w (while, wheelchair)


Again, don’t text and drive.



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