A story that tells another story

The ironic line between paperbacks and e-books.


iReader, a browser extension created by the folks at Samabox Labs, ran a series of billboard ads that left the audience thinking, “How ironic…”.

Ad agency BBH Shanghai was the creative thinkers for this project, and boy did they do some great work. Built from the creative copy that reads, “Every book is a tragedy for trees. Read ebooks“, the visual tells a story about happenings in regards to a tree. From an investigation on a falling tree to a tree-killing scene, imagine a tree and add some greenery into the visual. And the results are obvious when you use a little imagination.

It’s ironic, but definitely gets the attention and raises the curiousity within the viewers. Not forgetting instilling a touch of imagination to it will ease your mind.

This campaign was published on LED billboards and digital media. Never ran on printed media.



If stories could tell how it would like to be told.



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