Samsung’s Rube Goldberg Machine

Great insights, fantastic execution.


Why lug a DSLR when you have a Samsung NX SMART CAMERA? Great insights here as many loves the DSLR but eventually falls out of love with it as time passes. Especially when it comes to traveling. Why? The weight of course. It’s bulky. Humans nowadays are getting lazier than ever.  Everything has to be compact and light.

How good this SMART CAMERA is, I wouldn’t know. Is the quality as good as a DSLR? Hmmm… This is not a review anyway.

But the idea of integrating the Rube Goldberg Machine into the spot is brilliant. Execution was fantastic. It tells a story of a person’s travelogue. Well, almost there. Enjoy the spot and I’ve broken down the sequence below. Oh, I’m writing this based on the Spot itself, no product in-depth googling. 😉

Sequence breakdown:

  1. Checklist
  2. Globe that represents traveling
  3. Weight of 2 SMART CAMERAs are equivalent to 1 DLSR
  4. Fits in a hand luggage (and free from metal detectors?)
  5. Lands at the destination
  6. Perfect for sailing (weight is emphasize again through sail boats)
  7. [Transitions to the camera’s USP]
  8. Quick fire shots (Fast shutter speed)
  9. Interchangeable lens
  10. Emphasizes the size through X-Ray vision
  11. More than panoramic photos; it’s like photo-stitching
  12. Integrates with the Samsung tablet/smartphone
  13. A little showboat of the camera
  14. Send/share photos digitally
  15. And it fits in your suitcase too
  16. Tagline; SHOOT WOW! SHARE NOW!

Brilliant work all around. But their tagline seriously needs help. I’ll get into that on my next post – Samsung product taglines. 😉


Shoot & Share in 0.08 seconds



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