Innovatively Audi

Drive a 1:32 scaled Audi


Ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo has crafted Audi‘s most innovative test drive experience to date – The Audi quattro® Experience. Handmade to the last detail, the entire track and cars are painstakingly crafted to perfection. And to top it all, a custom made iPad controller.

An activation worth the virality, the track and cards were installed in public areas for everybody to get behind the wheels of a true Audi. Applauds all around – great work!

The Brief:

Allow consumers to put the road hugging capabilities of the 2013 Audi A4 to the test in a new and unexpected way, while highlighting Audi innovation and precision craftsmanship.

A one-of-kind experiential event, putting drivers directly behind the wheel of custom fabricated all wheel drive slot cars in
the heart of Toronto’s financial district. Using the world’s first iPad slot car controller with live in-car camera feed and digital accelerator, the Audi quattro® Experience allowed participants to take the A4 on a heart-racing run around a 140 sq. ft., handcrafted all-season test track.



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