Ikea’s RGB billboard should win a Lion

Brilliant, well-thought & insightful.


Ikea of Sweden did it again. This time, a billboard that says everything about the brand – Ikea. A tag team of German agency Thjnk and production house I Made This that would surely win a Lion, to say the least.

Ikea being Ikea, it’s all about the smart usage of space. And how do you send 3 different messages in a single billboard? Almost impossible you think but the clever thinking and ingenious skills of these guys have set the par for creative billboard advertising.

The billboard features 3 different messages that will be shown through the RGB light bulbs – red, green and blue. The messages are written in 3 colours as well – cyan, magenta and yellow.

When night comes, the red bulbs illuminate the cyan text; green displays magenta and blue lights up yellow. And this is how you turn a 9 sq.m. space into a 27 sq.m. space.

BRILLIANT : 3 messages in a single space.

WELL-THOUGHT : The idea of colours that would illuminateĀ  other colours – technology at its best.

INSIGHTFUL : It displays Ikea’s core belief of making the most out of any given space.





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