Billboards at unusual places

A different spin to the common billboard concept.


OBI, a leading German DIY retailer together with Jung Von Matt/Elbe, came out with a creative spin to the traditional billboards we all see in our daily lives. Instead of the typical free-standing and built-in wall billboards, the partnership produced billboards that are on people’s home themselves.

Introducing, OBI’s Renovated Billboard. The insight here is very obvious and simple – ‘Why promote things that make our homes more beautiful, with advertising that makes everything look uglier?’ Because of a price war, the competitors started churning out blatant and ugly ads and posters.

And the challenge began to produce this attention-grabbing billboard. The task was to find the appropriate run-down houses within proximity of DIY stores. The facade is the main highlight so it has to look old and distasteful. The best way to show people the renovation works before and after.

Every billboard is planned and built separately with the aim to cover a large variety of OBI products. And so the renovation begins…


Advertising that people like, and makes them smile.



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