Big Bang Broccoli

Break free, eat broccoli

burgerking_abri nike_abri

Twisted & cheeky but still wouldn’t make me eat broccoli. Nice to see, of course.

FoodGuerilla and Boomerang Motion are the instigators for this radical campaign. Big Bang Broccoli is simply a campaign to encourage humans to consume more veggie, broccoli in particular.


We are living in times in which you can design your life. One swipe or tweet can unchain a revolution. Truth and information were never so accessible. At the same time we were never surrounded with so many lies. It is money that decides which stories get told. Often the truth doesn’t get sold because it hasn’t got a logo, no commercial. So we took on a challenge! We gathered world’s smartest advertising companies to tell the truth and design a story. They were eager to help….. The outcome is this campaign.

Brands as they appear
GILLETTE – The best a man can get
MENTOS – The freshmaker
KFC – Finger lickin’ good
M&M’s – Melts in your mouth, not in your hands
BURGER KING – Have it your way
COCA COLA – Open happiness
McDONALD’S – I’m lovin’ itKIT KAT – Have a break
NIKE – Just do it
APPLE – Think different

It’s time to turn broccoli the most wanted veggie in the world!



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